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 New historic forest-glass-center

Village of Gersbach - Black forest - South-Germany 

 Historic Glass Centre Gersbach
The past of Gersbach has been dominated by charcoal works, farming and mining and to a very 
distinguished part by glass-blowers. Even today local family names and local field names indicate
these activities which have been accomplished since the 14th century.
In the Black Forest 200 remains of glass works have been brought to light. In the Gersbach area 
there are eight former glassworks known. This is a noteworthy large number. It indicates the 
exceptional position of Gersbach concerning historic glass making.
The large forests explain this phenomenon and also the comparatively mild climate, allowing beech
trees to grow in a height of 1000 m. Beech trees were needed by charcoal-burners and by glass-
blowers equally vital. The charcoal-burners produced charcoal from trunks. The glass-blowers needed 
beech trees to heat their glass-furnaces and in specific to produce potash, which is together with 
quartz and chalk an essential raw material for glass making.
Fotos © Werner Störk 2002
The recipe for glass making was a well kept family secret; it was only handed down from father to son.
If all the beech trees in the vicinity of a glass work were used the huts for living were taken apart and 
moved to a better place where they were reassembled. The furnaces were destroyed and rebuilt, so 
called Wanderglashütten 
At the abandoned site the beech trees regenerated within 150 to 200 years. They then allowed a later
generation to produce glass again.
The open areas in the Gersbach region nowadays used by farmers may be explained by the activities of 
the former charcoal-burners and glass-blowers. They created the specific character of our landscape.
Presently a historic glass centre - unique in Baden Württemberg - is set up in Gersbach. The work of the
former craftsmen will be demonstrated. There will be a charcoal pile, a reconstructed glass furnace, a col-
lection of historic glassware. The exhibition is arranged in a way demonstrating the procedures of historic 
glass making by genuine finds.

Alle Fotos © Werner Störk 2008
Alle Fotos © Werner Störk 2008
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